Project AmphiWell

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Groundwater is well studied chemically, physically and microbiologically. It is known that groundwater is inhabited by organisms such as amphipods (Amphipoda). However, little is known about these somewhat larger inhabitants. The presence of these organisms is a good sign: It is an indication that the groundwater is not only chemically but also biologically in a good state. On the other hand, groundwater as a habitat for these organisms is a little-researched area. We want to change that.

Selection of subterranean amphipods of Switzerland

The AmphiWell project investigates the occurrence and distribution of groundwater-dwelling organisms, with a focus on amphipods. The aim of the project is to collect amphipods in as many local water wells and supplies as possible. These findings would help to better understand their distribution and diversity in Switzerland. This would then help to protect groundwater resources in a more targeted and sustainable way.

Collecting amphipods from groundwater is a challenge. That’s where local drinking water providers come in. They are literally at the source and can enable us to collect data on groundwater inhabitants. The project has been running since mid-2020 and continuous updates are available on the project website: