• Project AmphiWell – Website on the research project on groundwater fauna, particularly amphipods, in Switzerland.
  • Altermatt lab – Webpage of Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt’s lab at Eawag and University of Zurich.
  • – Personal webpage of Dr. Roman Alther, research assistant in the Altermatt lab.
  • SubBio Lab – Webpage of Prof. Dr. Cene Fišer’s lab at the University of Ljubljana.
  • World Amphipoda Database – Overview about all amphipod species worldwide.
  • CSCF – Webpage of the Swiss Center for faunistic cartography.
  • – Extensive overview and ressources on the genus Niphargus.
  • The Crustacean Society – Society for crustacean research.
  • MNB – Information about the custacean collection at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, that harbors many samples of amphipods.