In September 2019, the first monograph on amphipods of Switzerland was released (Fauna Helvetica 32 – Amphipoda). This PDF gives a first insight into different parts of the book. You may order the book using the webshop of info fauna

The book is published by the Swiss Center for the Cartography of the fauna (CSCF) and the Swiss Entomological Society (SEG). The monograph contains an comprehensive overview about the amphipods of Switzerland, their ecology and their faunistics. It further includes a trilingual species identification key (DE, FR, EN), which is suitable for beginners and experts, and which covers all species of Switzerland and adjacent biogeographic regions. The detailed texts for all 40 species are illustrated, with distribution maps and numerous drawings and photographs. Additionally, the book covers a few species that are hitherto not reported from Switzerland but to be expected in the near future. The wide distribution of amphipods renders them suitable indicator taxa and this book provides the knowledge base needed for future studies, ranging from fundamental research to applied works. We hope that the monograph will meet with wide interest.

Corrections and errata are published here:

– Page 15: Picture 3: Oberlippe = Labrum; Unterlippe = Labium [2021-08-24]

– Page 24: Foto S. Käser [2021-08-24]

– Page 67: Plate 8.5 shows an animal from Italy [2021-08-24]

– Page 82: Step 16: Propodit des Gnathopoden II relativ klein und von quadratischer Form, ein wenig grösser als der Propodit des Gnathopoden I […] [2021-08-24]

– Pages 94–97: Identification key for Echinogammarus species (DE) [2021-08-24]

– Page 134: Step 16: Propode du gnathopode II assez petit et de forme carrée, un peu plus grand que le propode du gnathopode I […] [2021-08-24]

– Pages 146–149: Identification key for Echinogammarus species (FR) [2021-08-24]

– Pages 198–201: Identification key for Echinogammarus species (EN) [2021-08-24]

– Page 224: Line 3: corophium [2021-08-24]

– Page 334: (Bach-Flohkrebs) = (Bachflohkrebs) [2021-08-24]