While the immense significance of amphipods is generally recognized, there is a large discrepancy with respect to available knowledge for Switzerland: until recently there existed no checklist, distribution maps, or broad-scale estimates on genetic, functional and morphological diversity of the estimated 30 to 40 amphipod species in Switzerland.

In the project Amphipod.CH we collected data on the distribution and genetic structure of all amphipod species in Switzerland, by compiling all available literature data, identifying amphipods from monitoring projects and doing extensive fieldwork ourselves. The results were published in the 2019 monograph (see monograph). Thereby we hope to provide the background for both, basic research and applied projects.

We additionally want to use this newly generated database, including extensive genetic data, to analyse how amphipod diversity is shaped by the network structure of rivers. We are especially interested in studying community dynamics and community assembly of native versus non-native species. Thereby, we extrapolate our findings on dendritic networks from theoretical models and laboratory microcosms to „the real world“.